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If you want to profit from daily, small market fluctuations, you’ll need to use an open high low trading strategy.

open high low trading strategy
open high low trading strategy

The Open High Low Strategy

In layman’s terms, an open high low approach generates a purchasing signal when a stock’s open and low prices are the same.

When the stock’s open and high prices are both the same, a sell signal is produced.

An intraday trading strategy is one in which all positions are squared off before the market closes.

This post would go into all of the important aspects of the Open high low trading approach.

What is the Open High Low Strategy, and how does it work?

When indexes or securities with the same valuation…

Today, we’ll go through the most important stages of day trading: constant pivot points.

After reading this post, you can understand the five reasons why day traders want to use them for entering and exiting positions.

This article’s details can be incorporated into your overall pivot trading strategy.

The Evolution of Pivot Points

Pivot points are metrics used in technical research.

A pivot point defines potential funding by using the high, low, and near price of a previous cycle for a new period.

The points are then determined using equations.

Furthermore, they forecast stock market movements over a variety of…

Due to the scale of the industry, the potential for growth, and the stability of the capital market, India’s economy has a deep foothold and is home to many multinational business giants.

currency trading in india
currency trading in india

India’s strong and stable financial structure has increasingly evolved from a tightly regulated to a more liberalized atmosphere.

India, after China and the United States, is the world’s third most desirable FDI destination, according to UNCTAD’s World Investment Prospects Survey 2012–14.

Indian markets offer enormous opportunities and high profit potential, all while operating under strict regulations.

In this tumultuous setting, currency trading in India is establishing itself as…

Are you looking for India’s best stock trading apps?

With smartphone apps in India, stock trading has become enormously popular and fast.

Everybody now has stock trading open. These mobile applications include a market access and trading facility, which attract many new investors.

1. Kite by Zerodha

Zerodha’s Kite is one of the best trading sites and India’s first discount broker. Kite by Zerodha has surpassed Sharekhan and ICICI to become India’s best stock trading app. Zerodha is getting better every day, whether it’s in terms of interface, customization, or support.

The best feature is its clutter-free gui, which ensures that no unnecessary information…

A sizzling sexy relationship with herpes is in your future. And it all starts with your relationship to what herpes means to your sex life.

  1. Is herpes a sex killer or
  2. Does herpes give a new perspective on the caring connection that sex creates between two people?

Can you feel that difference? That is the first part of seeing it as a relationship strengthener.

how to keep your partner herpes free

Small print: Before getting into specifics, let me first say that every couple must have the conversation about the risk of her herpes-free partner getting herpes. It’s just a fact. There’s always a chance (last I…

How to control your anger?

1. Drain the Brain WHEN to use:

● When your temper begins to flare.

WHAT does it do:

● Mentally challenge yourself before taking out your anger on others


Ask yourself these questions:

anger management techniques
anger management techniques

● WHAT is the source of my irritation?

● WHAT is the degree of my anger?

● WHAT is the other person’s actual role in the situation?

● Turn the circumstances around to see how you would want to be treated if the other person felt as you do. These mental gymnastics can help you regain control over runaway emotions before they escape and cause external damage.

2. Walk It Off

You might have entered wrong username and password many times. So, you account got locked or you are still using incorrect user id or password.

Reset your Password

  1. The website clearly says After 3 incorrect tries you will be locked out.. So, your account got locked or you are using wrong user id, password combination.
  2. Now reset your password by clicking on “Reset password” link at
  3. Please remember your user id is B (Upper case only) plus your 9-digit employee ID. If your Employee ID is 000123456 then your user id would be B000123456. 🙂
  4. You will get a temporary password via email, use it.

Take note of all login details.

Herpes on finger otherwise known as a whitlow finger or herpetic whitlow is a dangerous infection that affects the meaty part of the fingertips.

herpes on finger

You are extremely lucky for reading this piece! Yes, the piece of information
shared here for free cannot be found elsewhere and you know what?

You’ve got to know most of the things that have held down your health for long. Read on and enjoy the stellar piece!

According to studies, the infection is mainly caused by ‘cold sore virus’ technically known as herpes simplex virus (HSV). Of course, herpes is regarded as one of the…

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